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This network was create within the project RAISING AWARNESS TRANSBOUNDARY CLUSTER TOURISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT aimed at supporting his members in the process of implementing green practices, helping to develop eco-turism in the border region Romania-Bulgaria as well as the sustainable development, and also in the establishment of a  more attractive image  of the area.

In the network can subscribe SMEs, tour operators, light industry companies, suppliers of goods and services in the tourism and other members interested in implementing and promoting green practices in the actions they take. Once enrolled, members will receive monthly, by email, a newsletter containing the latest information about the environment, biodiversity and other areas of interest.

Network members interested in adopting and implementing green practices, and how to obtain  EMAS standard and the European Eco-label can apply through this support and can be help in starting the necessary formalities. They will receive detailed information about the implementation and the benefits that can be achieved, but they will also benefit from being in contact with the competent authorities in granting these certifications.

Those who want to join the network are invited to complete an application form (this form can be downloaded here). After completing the form, please send it to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to officially register the network. Services through the network are free and do not require any financial effort from the network members.

Database with all members of the network can be found here. It will be updated periodically.