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Green recommended sites



European Commission on EMAS:

Be-Smarter Project:

EMAS Tools:

Romanian Ministry of Environment, on EMAS:

EMAS in Bulgaria:

Registry of EMAS certified hotels, by country:

3x3 Good Reasons for EMAS - a brochure on the benefits of implementing EMAS:

7 Good Reasons for EMAS:


European Commission on Eco Label:

Who does what for ECOLABEL Certification:

Eco Label in Romania:

The Ecolabel Catalogue:

Train to Ecolabel: a toolbox of environemntal choices for hotels:

List of ECOLABEL products and services:

Green Key: Ecolabel for leisure establishments

Go Green!

Tips for making environmental-friendly choices:

Toolbox for making your hotel more sustainable:

Tools for managing biodiversity and having a more sustainable business: