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Green projects

Key Energy Solutions

A project that provides information, technical support & training to help EU small and medium businesses in the tourism and accommodation sector to improve their energetical performance and usage of renewable energy.


A EU project that promotes the implementation of EMAS certification in the tourism sector, by using a cluster approach. The service clusters small and medium businesses in different regions in order to empower a competitive tourism service package. In this manner, social, economic and ecological aspects of tourism business are more easily linked together and give an added value to the services in that region.

Martin Hotels

The first Belgian chain of hotels that received EMAS Certification. 10 hotels, in 6 Belgian cities, successfully reduced their impact on the environment regarding energy, water, ground and noise pollution, air quality, risks and security, sorting and management of waste, mobility and biodiversity.

Through their example, they are trying to promote sustainable practices in the tourism sector. On their website, you can find the specific steps they followed in orther to make their hotels greener: they succeeded by concrete actions, staff training, information and incentives. You can read more about it here:

RELACS: Renewable Energy for Tourist Accommodation Buildings

The RELACS Project is an European Project that encourages implementation of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures in tourist accomodation buildings. In order to reach its goals, the projects proposes appealing marketing tools for hotels, such as an European tourist resort network, a sustainable energy logo, information tools (website, European Catalogue, national brochures, etc) on RELACS itineraries and a final prize.

More on this here:

Ritz-Carlton Hotel  in Berlin

This hotel is the first 5* hotel in Europe to receive with an EMAS Certification. The hotel implemented all standards of EMAS, in order to continuously improve its environmental performance.


This is a European network that assists small businesses in implementing Environmental Management Systems. The network is currently made of members from 5 European countries: Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Germany and France.

BRAVE Project

The B.R.A.V.E. project aims to support the full integration of EMAS (and of other voluntary certification schemes, such as the EU Ecolabel) in the environmental legislation of EU Member States.

The EMAS-EASY Project

This is a standardised version of EMAS developed particularly to facilitate EMAS registration for small and micro businesses. The methodology covers all requirements of EMAS (and/or ISO 14001) and is based on the Eco-mapping concept. It adapts particularly well to the smaller and less formal organisational structures of small companies.