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Green point of view

1. Aspects of service quality and eco labelling of Romanian lodging services
An article that analyses Romanian supply of tourism green services in comparison with the international trends in this field.
2. Environmental protection pays off financially for hotels!
An article of the benefits of implanting environmental management systems in tourism accommodations:
3. Study: In Spain, eco-friendly hotels are more profitable
According to Cornell Universitys Center for Hospitality Research, hotels that have a sustainability certification are more profitable than others. You can read more about it here:
4. Reasons for implementing an Environmental Management System in your business:
5. The Benefits and Risks of Ecolabels
 6. Top 5 Environmental Management Strategies Affecting Your Hotel's Bottom Line
An article discussing the benefits of going green in the tourism industry
 7. Sustainable Tourism: What is it, and Why Should We Care?
An article that describes the three types of sustainability: environmental, economic and socio-cultural, in relation to the tourist accommodation industry.
8. Romanian Tourism professionals are not interested in obtaining the Eco Label
An article on the current situation of Eco Label certification for tourist accommodation in Romania
9. Impact of tourism in coastal areas: Need of sustainable tourism strategy
This article discusses the issues and impacts associated with coastal tourism, the current status of related environmental affairs and a forecast of tourism in the future. The article concludes by providing suggestions for future management of coastal tourism.
10. Working Towards Sustainable Tourism in Coastal Zones
The growth of tourism in coastal areas which has peaked in recent decades, exerts pressures on environmental and cultural resources of the coastal areas, and affects negatively social, economic and cultural patterns of tourist destinations. The article describes these negative effects and arguments the need for a sustainable vision on the tourism industries.
11. Environmental management systems (EMS) and environmental reports
An article on the benefits of implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) in the tourist accommodation sector.
12. Responsible Procurement
What is responsible procurement and what are its benefits for the tourist accommodation industry?
13. Responsible Hospitality in Independent Hotels and Smaller Chains
Large hotel groups are able to put significant resources behind their environmental and corporate social responsibility programmes. This article argues why being small can sometimes be an advantage in making your hotel more sustainable.
14. Sustainability in emerging economies
This article argues that sustainability and innovation will be key to the success of emerging economies, and the hospitality industry must play a major part in driving this change.