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How green are you?


1. Which of these vacations are you mostly tempted to go on?

a. An exclusivist 5* resort, in a far-away, exotic place. 1 point
b. Eco-tourism in your own country. 3 points
c. A train trip to a close European country, staying in an eco-friendly hotel. 2 points

2. Do you consider your impact to the environment when you choose you choose your meals?

 a. No. You eat what appeals to you. 1 point
 b. Somewhat. You buy organics whenever possible and try to eat locally. 2 points
 c. Yes. You grow your own food and refuse to go to any restaurant that doesn't youre your ethical food standards. 3 points

3.  Do you have a garden?

a. Sort of, some greenery for aesthetic purposes. 2 points
b. Yes, you grow some of my own food and use organic compost to nurture it. 3 points
c. No, plants and dirt bother you. 1 point

4. When you go shopping, do you use a disposable plastic bag a paper bag or a reusable, cloth bag?

a. Plastic bag. 2 points
b. Paper bag. 1 point
c. Cloth bag. 3 points


5. How do you usually go to work/school?

a. You drive in your own car. 1 point
b. You take the public transport. 2 points
c. You walk or you ride a bicycle. 3 points


6. Do you separate your waste?

a. No. 1 point
b. Yes, sometimes. 2 points
c. Yes, always. 3 points

7. What kind of cleaning products do you usually use?

a. Organic cleaning products. 3 points
b. Industrial-strength antibacterial cleaners. 1 point
c. Non-organic products, but you try to choose the less toxic ones. 2 points

8. How do you dry your clothes?

a. On line, outside or on the terrace. 3 points
b. In your super energy-efficient drying machine. 2 points
c. In your 20-years old washing machine, at highest level. 1 point

9. What do you do with plastic containers?

a. You wash and reuse them. 3 points
b. You put them in the recycle bin. 2 points
c. You throw them into the garbage can. 1 point

10. What type of car do you prefer?

a. A spacious, powerful car, like a SUV. 1 point
b. A medium-sized car, but with enough space for your friends or family. 2
c. A small-sized, electric car. 3

11. After recharging laptops and cell phones, do you unplug the chargers?

a. Always. 3
b. Sometimes. 2
c. Never. 1

12. When you leave the house, do you turn off the lights?

a. You turn some lights off and go. 2
b. You make sure every light is off. 3
c. You always forget them on. 1

13. Your showers usually last:

a. Five to ten minutes 2
b. As long as you want 1
c. Three minutes. 3 

14. The light bulbs in your bathroom are:

a. Compact fluorescent light bulbs 3
b. Incandescent light bulbs 2
c. Are there more kinds of light bulbs? 1

15. How do you print everyday documents?

a. One-sided.1
b. Double-sided. 2
c. Double-sided, on recycled paper. 3

15-25 points: You could do a lot better

26-36 points: You are on the right track

37-45 points: GREEN


1. What is the source of electricity in your hotel?

a. We have our own heating system, running on coal or oil. 1
b. Municipal electricity system. 2
c. Renewable energy source. 3

2. Does your hotel provide electric key cards for every room?

a. Yes. 3
b. No. 1

3. How often are towels changed in guest rooms?

a. Everyday. 1
b. Once every two days. 2
c. Twice a week and upon request. 3

4. Is your hotel provided with automatic systems for turning lights on and off ?

a. No. 1
b. Yes, in some public zones. 2
c. Yes, every room has such a system. 3

5. How are toiletries packed in guest rooms?

a. They are offered in single-use, small packaging. 1
b. Every bathroom has shampoo and soap dispensers. 3

6. What type of light bulbs does your hotel use?

a. Compact fluorescent light bulbs. 3 
b. 120 W incandescent light bulbs. 1
c. 60 W incandescent light bulbs. 2

7. What type of windows does the hotel building have?

a. Double-glazed windows, not insulated. 2
b. Single-glazed windows. 1
c. Double-glazed insulated windows. 3

8. Did you provide information about saving-energy solutions and practices to your staff?

a. No. 1
b. Yes, they are involved in a training program on how to reduce energy consumption in hotels. 3
c. Not really, but you are considering it. 2

9. How do you cool hotel rooms during summer months?

a. You use powerful air conditioning system 1
b. Air conditioning systems and external movable sun-shading devices. 2
c. Environmentally-friendly air conditioning systems, sun-shading devices and trees planted on the South-East and South-West sides of the building, for extra shading. 3

10. What happens to hotel waste?

a. The waste is selectively collected and recycled. You have an integrated waste recycling system, in cooperation with the municipal waste management program. 3
b. Waste is collected and transported to a recycling station, outside the city. 2
b. There are garbage bins in guest rooms and public zones.  1

11. What happens to waste water in your hotel?

a. It goes in the sewage system. 1
b. You treat it and use it for gardening purposes. 2 
c. You treat it and you use part of it for irrigation and toilet flushing. How waste water is reintroduced in the heating system. 3 

12. What type of detergents and cleaning products are used for cleaning in the hotel?

a. Only organic cleaning products are used. 3 
b. Cleaning is done with industrial, powerful products. 1
c. Cleaning is done using regular, economic products. 2

13. How do you serve breakfast in your hotel?

a. You use single-use packaging for dairy products. 1
b. Only reusable recipients and tableware are used. 3 

14. Is smoking allowed in your hotel?

a. Yes, in common areas and guest rooms 1 
b. Only in specific zones, in the common areas and in certain smoking guest rooms 2 
c. No. 3

15. Do you offer guests information on how to reduce energy consumption during their stay in your hotel?

a. Yes, a leaflet with information on how they can help the environment is offered in every guest room. 3
b. No. 1
c. Yes, you advise them to turn off the lights when they exit their room. 2

15-25 points: You could do a lot better

26-36 points: You are on the right track

37-45 points: GREEN